TWS Glute Bands

$0.00 USD $24.99 -100% OFF

TWS Glute Bands

$0.00 USD $24.99 -100% OFF
If you want to train your glutes anytime, anywhere – our TWS Glute Bands 5-bands set is for you!
  • Build a killer set of glutes 🍑
  • Conveniently train anywhere
  • Reverse the effects of sitting all day
  • Bulletproof your back & reduce low back pain
  • Also great for hip flexors and shoulders

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Building Your Glutes Just Got Way Easier

If you don’t have time for a ton of squats, deadlifts or lunges (although we love them ❤️) – with the TWS Glute Bands you can still smash your glutes in the comfort of your own home! 

Simple exercises such as Glute Band Walks are an excellent way to build your glutes anytime, anywhere!

And if you’re like us and you love squats and deadlifts, add these walks into your warm up! They are a great primer and will help keep you safe from injuries.

If You Aren’t Training Your Glutes, You’re Making a Huge Mistake!

If you want to boost your metabolism, fix your posture, improve your performance, or get rid of your low back pain…

Then you need to start focusing on glute training!

Simply put, your glutes are the biggest and most foundational muscles in your body. If you get them strong, they will deliver 10X the results!

6 ‘Kinesiology Backed’ Reasons You Should Start Working On Your Glutes Today

#1 Strong Glutes Enhance Athletic Performance

Strong glutes are literally cheat codes for improving performance. The glutes are the biggest and most powerful muscles in the body…and they can produce a ridiculous amount of force! 

Literally every single thing we do depends on them! So if you want to run faster, jump higher or lift more weight, you better start working on those glutes. 

#2 Strong Glutes Prevent Injuries

Yes, strong glutes will make you more powerful and faster. But not only that… They also secretly work to keep you injury free as they are serious contributors to your hip stability.

So the more you develop the glutes, the more you improve your stability and ability to control and harness that power. This will make you less susceptible to injuries while you continually chase performance.

#3 Strong Glutes Mean a Healthy Back

99% of the time a physiotherapist or chiropractor helps someone with back pain, they prescribe some form of glute training.

Why? Because developing strong glutes allows you to regain control of your pelvis and have a much better positioning in your lumbar spine... Which (without getting too technical) reduces the overall tightness in your back.

In other words: they are the key to healthy spinal mechanics. 

#4 Strong Glute Mean a Higher Metabolism

The glutes are massive muscles and massive muscles burn a ton of calories!

Not only are you burning calories for the duration of your workout... But the days after while you are still sore, those big muscles are still eating a ton of calories to recover (making these muscles way more important than people realize).

So if you want to burn fat and boost your metabolism, working on the glutes will help you tenfold. 

#5 Strong Glutes Can Unlock Serious Muscle Growth

When you expose the glutes to significant amounts of resistance training, your body will naturally start to produce more testosterone.

Testosterone is the muscle building hormone in the body and simply having a little bit more circulating in your system will make the world of difference when it comes to getting in shape. 

Not only will you build muscle easier, but you will also be able to recover from your intense training sessions faster making your fitness journey more rewarding and enjoyable.

#6 Strong Glutes Mean Healthier Knees

Weak glutes will cause the thighs to rotate inward which in turn puts a ton of stress on the knees. Injuries such as ACL tears and patellofemoral pain are linked to glute weakness and hip instability and are the result of these poorly loaded forces on the knee.

By developing strong abductors (ie. your glutes!) you can regain a massive amount of control over the function of your thighs and prevent the knees from “caving in” when you run, jump, lift, or land. 

So if you want healthier knees, start working upstream and focusing your efforts on the glutes.

There's More To These Bands Than Just Glutes! 💪

To be honest... 95% of the time, we use these bands for glute training. But they are also great tools for other exercises as well! Here's a few of our favorites:

#1 You Can Train Your Hip Flexors

If you have tight hip flexors or sit at a desk all day this is a must!

One of the top benefits of glute band training is you can also work your hip flexors and psoas with exercises like the "Psoas March"

Strengthening your hip flexors will only improve your glute training as it will help loosen up the tissues and allow your to hit greater hip extension when you return to glute dominant exercises.

This exercise alone can drive significant improvements to your low back health and actually reverse the effects of sitting down all day behind a desk.

#2 You Can Train Your Shoulders

If you want to start working on your rotator cuffs, glute bands are a great way to get started.

Simple exercises like glute band pull-aparts and forklift raises build some of our most essential shoulder muscles like the rotator cuff and serratus anterior.

These muscles are essential for healthy shoulders and allow for great scapular movement and control.

And the best part about the TWS Glute Bands is that the lighter bands provide the right amount of resistance for these much smaller and more delicate muscles.

#3 You Can Train Your Groin/Adductors

A little known secret to having bulletproof hips and low back is to also train the groin.

Remember the glutes are ABDUCTORS and the groin is comprised of ADDUCTORS.

These muscles are responsible for squeezing your legs together and they often get overlooked.

Having a strong set of adductors will help the whole hip and low back system work in perfect harmony and can correct a lot of postural and functional issues.

#4 You Can Supplement Your Other Training

Having a set of TWS Glute Bands in your bag is a must. You never know when you will run into a situation where you will need them!

For maximum inspiration, make sure you add our Glute Bands Playbook to your order when checking out!

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