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TWS Glute Bands $0.00 $24.99
If you want to train your glutes anytime, anywhere – our TWS Glute Bands 5-bands set is for you! Build a killer set of glutes 🍑 Conveniently train anywhere Reverse the effects of sitting all day Bulletproof your back & reduce low back pain Also great for hip flexors and shoulders
TWS Performance Bands from $13.00
Say Goodbye to Tight Muscles With the TWS Performance Bands & In-Depth Exercises Tutorials Premium resistance bands for mobility training 75+ Banded mobility and exercise tutorials Get rid of stiff muscles in as little as 2 minutes Fix your posture with proven techniques Learn highly effective warm ups
TWS Compression Floss $34.99
Eliminate muscle pain and stiffness in minutes with the TWS Compression Floss Kit: 2-band set + Exclusive flossing tutorials Instantly improve your range of motion Quickly restore joint function and mobility Great for tennis/golfers elbow, knee & shoulder pain Improves blood flow & reduces swelling


Clutch Kit

This is your ultimate training companion with 100+ of TWS Training's top mobility exercises to increase your flexibility and skyrocket your performance.

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You're a beginner / intermediate and you want to get stronger and move better? Then this modern mobility and functional training guide is for you.

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Low Back Protocol

Reclaim your comfort and mobility with our proven Low Back Protocol- a one-stop system that assesses, fixes, and rehabilitates your low back pain.

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