PSO-RITE® Psoas Massage Tool

$59.99 USD $79.99 -26% OFF


PSO-RITE® Psoas Massage Tool

$59.99 USD $79.99 -26% OFF
Get Immediate Relief for Your Tight Psoas and Hip Flexors with the PSO-RITE® - a TWS Training Partnered Product
  • Instantly release your tight hip flexors.
  • Precisely target the Psoas muscles for immediate relief.
  • Reverse the negative effects of sitting.
  • Say goodbye to low back pain.
  • Correct your anterior pelvic tilt
Important: Prior to use, consult with your healthcare provider to ensure suitability for your specific health needs.


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The Antidote to Sitting and Tweaked Low Backs

If you are dealing with tight Psoas Muscles and Hip Flexors – the PSO-RITE will definitely sort you out.

For the many people glued to a chair every day, the hip flexors and psoas can become super jammed up, leading to issues such as low back pain and anterior pelvic tilt.

This is where the PSO-RITE shines.

With its unique shape, it has the ability to precisely target those otherwise hard to reach muscles.

And the relief is immediate!

A Unique Design

Your psoas and hip flexors are powerful muscles responsible for your everyday movements such as walking. 

Problem is, these muscles are not easy to access.

The PSO-RITE’s two-prong design gets around your stomach, allowing you to effectively massage your psoas and hip flexors. 

By spending just two minutes lying on this device, you'll notice a significant reduction in tension in your lower back.

Elevate Your Athletic Performance

The PSO-RITE isn't just for those with back discomfort; it's a great tool for athletes too. 

If you rely heavily on posterior chain muscles for activities like squats, deadlifts, or running, this device can be a game-changer.

Regularly releasing your psoas can improve your lower back's spinal mechanics, enhance your posture, and optimize your exercise technique. 

Ultimately, this will make you a more efficient and effective athlete.

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