TWS Performance Bands Starter Kit

$37.99 USD

TWS Performance Bands Starter Kit

$37.99 USD

If you're dealing with muscle stiffness and limited mobility – the TWS Performance Band Starter Kit is the perfect starting point to jump into mobility training!

  • 2-Premium resistance bands + a door anchor
  • 75+ Banded mobility and exercise tutorials
  • Get rid of stiff muscles and joints in as little as 2 minutes
  • Improve hip, shoulder, ankle and wrist mobility
  • Strengthen your body with targeted exercises

Instant Access To Video Tutorials

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Stretching That Actually Works

If you're constantly dealing with muscle stiffness and limited mobility - this is going to change your life! 

Banded distraction stretching is a modern stretching method that uses resistance bands to help open up stiff muscles and joints. 

And it works like CRAZY!! 🤯

Imagine getting results from your stretching in under 2 minutes and finally moving the way you always wanted…

All you need is a set of TWS Performance Bands and we’ll show you exactly what to do!

These Aren't JUST Resistance Bands...

The TWS Performance Bands are so much more than just resistance bands. 

We’ve put together 75+ of our best banded mobility techniques in full detail for you to follow along anywhere, anytime.

The techniques and exercises you will learn will not only fast track your results, but change your approach to training forever.

These methods, although ruthless, drive incredible returns on your range of motion, posture, and muscle health.

Once you learn these training cheat codes... you'll never train the same again!

5 Reasons You Need To Start Distraction Stretching Today

#1 Radically Improve Your Range Of Motion... Instantly!

You are getting access to the same quality content that I’ve used to help athletes and clients around the world solve muscle stiffness and soreness in minutes.

Every person is different and will respond differently to certain techniques so we didn’t hold back on delivering you tons of highly effective material.

#2 Say Goodbye To Muscle Soreness And Discomfort

Most pain and soreness stems from some form of tightness in one shape or another.

If you sit at a desk all day, have a tough job, or are a high performing athlete, there will be content that will help you with whatever issue you might be dealing with.

#3 Speed Up Your Results & Improve Your Performance

Improved flexibility and range of motion can lead to better positioning and technique.

Not only will you see better results in the gym, but your results come 10X faster because you will be able to train harder without fear of injury or regression.

#4 All It Takes Is 1 Technique To Change Your Life

No matter what our clients are dealing with, there is always this 1 technique that completely changes their life for the better and there will most certainly be something inside this library for you too.

#5 Finally Get Long Lasting Results

By combining our stretching techniques with the included resistance training exercises, you can expect to not only eliminate your physical issues but also keep them from ever coming back in the future.

Start Mobility Training Today!

Here's what you're getting with our TWS Performance Bands:

Over 75+ Full In-Depth Mobility Training Tutorials

Get instant access to our portal of mobility training content so you can start improving your range of motion today!  Inside you'll find material for glutes, hips, low back, shoulders, knees, elbows and more.

​​Premium Resistance Bands

You will receive the same premium quality resistance bands that we use in all our content. These are designed to deliver consistent reliable tension and last a long time.

LIFETIME ACCESS to our constantly updated Techniques

We are constantly updating our library of content to showcase the world’s newest and most effective training techniques and you are always going to have access. 

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