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TWS Glute Bands $0.00 $24.99
If you want to train your glutes anytime, anywhere – our TWS Glute Bands 5-bands set is for you! Build a killer set of glutes 🍑 Conveniently train anywhere Reverse the effects of sitting all day Bulletproof your back & reduce low back pain Also great for hip flexors and shoulders
TWS Blue Performance Band $37.00
Made famous by Scott's 'Best Shoulder Stretch', the Blue TWS Band offers the most resistance and is designed to get your body moving like never before. Unlock the stiffest joints and muscles Perfect for distraction stretching & muscle flossing Exerts up to 165 lbs of force Bodyweight bearing for inverted stretching and suspension exercises Access 75+ Banded mobility and exercise tutorials Specs: 64mm / 60-165lbs
TWS Performance Bands Starter Kit $37.99
If you're dealing with muscle stiffness and limited mobility – the TWS Performance Band Starter Kit is the perfect starting point to jump into mobility training! 2-Premium resistance bands + a door anchor 75+ Banded mobility and exercise tutorials Get rid of stiff muscles and joints in as little as 2 minutes Improve hip, shoulder, ankle and wrist mobility Strengthen your body with targeted exercises
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