TWS Low Back Protocol

$97.99 USD

TWS Low Back Protocol

$97.99 USD

If you are constantly struggling with low back pain, stiffness, weakness, and can't find success with any traditional physiotherapy, chiropractics, and/or other therapy based approaches, then this is for you.  

The #1 Goal of the TWS Low Back Protocol is to teach and empower you with all the tools and knowledge you need to help you eliminate this problem once and for all.

Trust me, no matter who you are, or what happened to you, there is a technique for each and every person out there, you just need to find it.

Remember, back pain is a problem that came from somewhere.

This protocol will help you identify where that ‘somewhere’ is, fix it, and start training those muscles to be flexible, strong, and robust so that you can handle anything life throws at you in the future. 

The 5-Stage Approach

Stage 1 - Elimination of Pain

The sole focus of Stage 1 is to get you back on your feet. You need to be fully functional, pain free, and understand the source of the problem for you to be able to continue and build upon.

Stage 2 - Bodyweight and Banded

Once you are pain free, we teach you how to manage your own body, fix and optimize your movement patterns, and start integrating light loads that stimulate muscular development.

Stage 3 - Integration of Load

In this stage, we slowly add more load to keep building tolerance, increase resiliency and solidify your new movement patterns.

Stage 4 - Return To Function

At this point we start accessing full functional movement and get back to managing normal activities.

Stage 5 - Back to Performance

This is the exciting part! We get you back in the game as we switch our focus from avoiding pain to chasing performance and start upgrading your life.

Equipment Needed 

Although you don't need a crazy set-up to complete the Low Back Protocol, we do recommend in order to maximize your returns that you have access to some basic equipment like resistance bands, a foam roller, weights, and a barbell.

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